Union County GA

Nottely River

Nottely River

Finding its headwaters in the upper southern reaches of Union County’s Blue Ridge Mountain Range, is the Nottely River. The river courses northward, building up momentum and size as it gathers waters from numerous streams and creeks. The river dissects the center of the County’s valley lands before merging into Lake Nottely. From the Nottely Dam the river emerges northbound crossing the Georgia/North Carolina state line, and comes to rest at Lake Hiwassee in North Carolina.

Local fly-fishing is available, although the majority of Nottely River flows through private owned properties. The best opportunities for fly-fishing on the river and other waterways along private properties, are through experienced fishing guides that have sought permission from property owners.

The river passes through both county owned and public properties where fishing is available. In addition, anglers have the convenient access to Nottely River below the dam and powerhouse. The Chattahoochee National Forest’s Blue Ridge District Office can help by providing information for anglers seeking public access. Several sites recommended are the Coopers Creek Wilderness Area, Lake Winfield Scott, Lake Trahlyta at Vogel State Park, the Chattahoochee Fish Hatchery, and other National Forest waterway locations. Be sure to look for ‘no fishing’ signs posted, and respect those areas. Nottely River fishing is also permitted just below Nottely Dam and powerhouse.

Licensed anglers can also fish independently at local fish camps, or private owned trout farms. This GPS map marks public access to the Nottely River below the dam and other locations such as creeks, steams and smaller lakes.

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