Union County GA

Written Directions to Coopers Creek Recreation and Wilderness Area

There are four access points into Coopers Creek Wilderness Area. The shortest route from Blairsville to the Coopers Creek Wilderness Area is over Mulky Gap, accessible from Mulky Gap Road. Mulky Gap Road can be accessed off of Old Blue Ridge Road (US/76), just past the Blairsville Municipal Airport. Mulky Gap Road is paved until it reaches the Chattahoochee National Forest. From there it continues unpaved up to Mulky Gap and throughout the entire wilderness area. This shorter distance to the gap can be rough due to heavy rains and is recommended for 4-wheel drive SUV’s and trucks.

Another road access point is at Wolf Pen Gap and Duncan Ridge Trail.

The other two points of access are on GA/60, along the extreme most southwest edge of Union County. It’s a longer way into the wilderness area, yet visitors won’t have to climb a rough steep mountain road to the gap, or follow a ridge top roadway to the gap. There are times when these unpaved forestry roadway can have the access gated off by the Forest Service.

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